Twitter Management

At Limited Digital Solutions, we offer you a comprehensive package for managing 

your Twitter  account. The package consists of the following items:


Unlimited publications

We create and publish posts continuously on your account, taking into account the balance between quantity and quality to achieve the best results.


Content creation

We produce attractive content that reflects your brand identity.


Study the account and competitors

We study your account and competitors to determine the optimal strategy.


Study the target audience

We develop a comprehensive strategic plan that suits your needs.


Develop a strategic plan

We develop a comprehensive strategic plan that suits your needs.


Follow international dates, trends, and hashtags

We follow global dates, trends, and hashtags to stay in touch with the audience.


Create a private WhatsApp group to follow

We create a WhatsApp group for you for quick follow-up and immediate communication.


Creative graphic designs, video and animated content

We design creative images, produce videos and unique animated content that enhances your brand identity, enhancing the visual aesthetic of your twitter account.


Use appropriate hashtags and captions

We use appropriate hashtags and captions to improve engagement


Sponsored advertising management

This package includes planning, identifying the target audience, setting goals and strategies, and implementing advertising campaigns on the twitter platform . The service also includes monitoring and improving results.


Scheduling and publishing to additional Instagram, Facebook,, LinkedIn, and Google Business accounts

For an additional nominal fee (20 $ per account), we can schedule and publish the same content that was designed for Instagram on other platforms.


Launching advertising campaigns on Snapchat,, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok

For an additional nominal fee (30$  per platform and account), we can manage advertising campaigns that were implemented on Instagram in other platforms.

Original Price is

500$ per month

But we have an offer now where we offer this package for
less than half the price when you subscribe for three months,

259$ per month

3 months subscription


The price does not include the sponsored advertising budget.